READY Nitrogen Die Systems

We are proud to offer an updated line of compact nitrogen die systems.

Our COMPACT DIE SYSTEMS provide a number of updated features previously not available:

  • Systems are hermeticaly sealed, eliminating potential draw of contaminates 
  • Lubrication system integrated into the design - reducing wear, ensuring good sealing and extending seal life 
  • Maintain the system without removing the cylinder from its base or manifold

COMPACT DIE SYSTEMS use cylinders mounted into a manifold plate with drilled gas ways, or as individual components connected by hoses to a reservoir tank.

COMPACT DIE SYSTEMS provide an almost constant force throughout the stroke. The desired force can be easily obtained by adjusting the gas pressure. Since all cylinders are connected and subject to the same pressure, each cylinder exerts the same force. A leak in any part of the system will not produce an off center load which could compromise part quality.

They truly are ... Better by Design.


For More Information

For more information and specifications on Nitrogen Die Systems, view the PDF version of the catalog.


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