SinterLube® Alloy Bushings
SinterLube® - The No Maintenance, Self-Lubricating Bushing

After years of research and manufacturing process development, READY Technology proudly announces its latest and most dramatic contribution to our industry – the SinterLube® Alloy Bushing. This revolutionary product requires no lubrication during production, yet it maintains its initial geometry and undergoes negligible wear, even after millions of press cycles.

SinterLube® delivers what no other bushing can:

  1. SinterLube® doesn't merely claim to be self-lubricating, it truly is self-lubricating, and it doesn’t abrade or close in on the guide pin like ordinary graphite plug bushings.
  2. SinterLube® has a tolerance comparable to precision guiding as opposed to the liberal tolerance of ordinary graphite plug bushings.
  3. Unlike the competition, with SinterLube®, there’s virtually no wear, even in the toughest applications.
The Secret of SinterLube®

Our key breakthrough in developing the product was the discovery of an alloy material having good sliding lubricity and hardness, which we then added to the bronze powder of our sintered bushings. Properly combined, the dispersed particles of the alloy remain disconnected to the bronze micro structure when sintered, providing lubricity and hardness without harming the mechanical properties of the bronze. This results in a wear resistant micro structure which outperformed every competitor’s bushing we tested.

The graph (right) compares the performance of a commercially available bronze bushing with graphite plugs to our SinterLube® Bushing. We life tested both bushings at the same time; they were mounted in a split punch holder and forced apart by a gas spring so that the lateral force on each bushing was identical. We gave the SinterLube® Bushing a single application of lubricant at the start of the test and no lubricant thereafter.

Once the press had cycled over 1.2 million strokes we stopped the test and examined the bushing. Many of the graphite plugs of the competitor’s bushing had extruded, and the inside diameter had grown by .053”. The guide pillar literally rattled in the bushing hole. The inside diameter of the SinterLube® Bushing was smooth and had grown only .001”. As you can see from the graph, the SinterLube® Bushing ran about 100°F cooler than the graphite plug bushing throughout the test, showing better lubricity.


In addition to its attractive silver exterior and polished bronze interior, the SinterLube® Alloy Bushing has the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • There is no lubrication hole or oil groove, reflecting the fact that SinterLube Bushings are designed to operate with only a single initial application of lubricant.
  • The steel substrate is unhardened. Wear resistant alloy materials are contained in the bronze mixture; in effect the wear hardness is embedded in the bronze.
  • A color code identifies the size of the inside diameter. By matching this color with the appropriately color coded pin, a close, standard, or loose running fit can be selected.
  • The bronze layer is 11-12 times thicker than that of a plated bronze bushing, so there is no risk of wearing through to the steel substrate. Even under the most severe wear conditions the SinterLube® Alloy Bushing maintains its lubricated bearing surface.
Benefits - 10 Reasons to Switch to SinterLube®

Here are a few of the advantages of SinterLube® Alloy Bushings, which our testing has so far uncovered:

  1. Graphite plug bushings operate at higher temperatures so they require larger running clearances. The minimum running clearance needed for a SinterLube® Bushing is two to three times smaller, so close tolerance stamping work can now be performed with lubrication free bushings.
  2. SinterLube® Bushings resist wear, so guiding accuracy is maintained throughout the production run.
  3. Standard SinterLube® Bushing clearances make die set disassembly and reassembly much easier than with loose fitting graphite plug bushings, which Alloy the punch holder to cock and jam.
  4. An initial application is all that’s required to operate SinterLube® Bushings successfully, but if additional lubrication is applied during the production run, no harm is done. By contrast, lubrication of a graphite plug bushing results in a sticky mess, making it hard to disengage the bushing from the guide pin.
  5. Due to the rapid wear rate of graphite plug bushings many stampers replace the bushings at each die regrind. This is a needless expense which SinterLube® bushings eliminate.
  6. We have not yet discovered the maximum speed at which SinterLube® Bushings can run, but press speeds of 800 strokes per minute at 1” stroke are well within its performance range. Many high speed tools requiring ball bearing guiding can now be fitted with SinterLube® Bushings and benefit from the greater rigidity as well as the lower cost of solid guiding.
  7. According to our tests, bronze plated bushings operate well so long as they are lubricated every shift. SinterLube® Bushings do not require that nagging maintenance chore. Regular lubrication no longer needs to be policed on your stamping line.
  8. At high operating temperatures graphite plugs become dislodged as the bonding glue melts. SinterLube® Bushings do not contain any glue and are entirely suitable for hot stamping or high temperature mold applications.
  9. SinterLube® Alloy Bushings require less machining to produce, so they cost less than graphite lug bushings.
  10. SinterLube® Alloy Bushings are interchangeable with our sintered bronze bushings, so you can easily test our assertions for yourself and install a set of SinterLube® Bushings during your tool’s next scheduled maintenance.
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For more information and specifications on Sinterlube®, view the PDF version of the catalog.

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