HYDROCAM® - The Ultimate in Flexible Cam Design

We've Changed the World of Cams! HYDROCAM® systems are reshaping the way metal stamping dies are designed and operated. They simple to install and operate, and yet this innovative product, engineered are and first brought to the market by READY Technology, does so much to take complexity out of die design. With HYDROCAM®, many dies suddenly become a lot simpler, and thanks to HYDROCAM®, fewer dies are now required for part manufacture.

Here's How They Work

The vertical action of the press is transferred into a precise action using patented hydraulic technology. As the press ram lowers, it makes contact with the piston rod of the pump of HYDROCAM® (we call the pump the H1 unit), at which point oil from the pump is transferred through one or more high pressure hoses to one or more piercing or forming units (we call these H2 units). The H2 units do the work and pierce or form the stamping part. The H2 units then return to their original position after completing their work by means of nitrogen gas pressure which is regulated by an adjustable return built into the units. Simple, innovative, and yes, so versatile.

Yes, so Versatile!

The beauty of HYDROCAM® lies in its versatility. The H2 unit can be positioned into locations previously unreachable with classic mechanical dies at virtually any angle, up or clown, to meet your piercing and forming requirements. Ask yourself the question. How can I design HYDROCAM® into my tool? More and more die designers are designing HYDROCAM® into their tools and are reducing cost to their customers in the process.

HYDROCAM® is Powerful, Compact and Reliable, and Oh, Yes, it's interchangeable!

Powerful - Our patented design provides more force than any other cam of its kind. H2 piercing/forming units are available in seven sizes providing up to 26 metric tons of force, giving you powerful force where you need it.

Compact - Our unique low profile design for the H2 units make installations in tight areas possible. The ability to mount the H1 unit up to six feet away from the H2 unit makes this the cam of choice for transfer dies by avoiding interference with drivers and aerial tooling blocks.

Reliable - There are hundreds of HYDROCAM® systems operating worldwide today, reliably stamping parts and meeting demanding production schedules. HYDROCAM® was the first hydraulic cam of its kind to come to market, and more HYDROCAM® systems make parts for more customers than any competing brand.

Interchangeable- We carry a large inventory of all sizes of HI and H2 units. If a die crashes, or other reasons require replacement of any HYDROCAM® unit, we provide the service and support to get your production back up and running quickly.

Simple, Proven & Reliable HYDROCAM®
  • Ideal for piercing, forming or flanging requirements.
  • In stock for fast delivery.
  • Powerful. One H-1 can serve up to four identical H-2 units.
  • Versatile. Mount the H-2 at any angle up to six feet away from H-1.
  • Forceful. The H-2 can deliver from 1.6 to 26 metric tons of force.
  • The Most Complete Line. H-2 units are available with 25, 50, 75 and 100 mm stroke lengths depending on model selected.
For More Information

For more information and specifications on Hydrocam®, view the PDF version of the catalog.

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