DESIGN2-TITE® Nitrogen Gas Springs

We are proud to offer our new and expanded line of nitrogen gas springs. Now the manufacturer of the world’s finest die spring, SuperSpring®, can supply you with the world’s finest nitrogen gas spring, DESIGN2-TITE®. Like SuperSpring®, DESIGN2-TITE® is completely engineered by us.

We gave our engineers the following mission:

  1. Simplify the design to improve performance and ease repair.
  2. Design a more solid construction to extend life and increase safety.
  3. Research and incorporate only the finest materials to offer the highest quality product on the market.

We believe a better design produces a better product, and we are confident we have met our design goals.

Try DESIGN2-TITE® and experience for yourself the benefits of this superior line of nitrogen products.

They truly are ... Better by Design.


For More Information

For more information and specifications on DESIGN2-TITE®, view the PDF version of the catalog.


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